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One Of The Main Lessons I Learned Building A Clothing Brand

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Fun fact: I've spent countless hours learning how to build and run a clothing brand. I don’t have any mentors or experience in this area. But I do have passion and hunger. I spend hours and hours, reading, studying and learning.

But here’s something I discovered on my clothing brand journey.

99% of copying other peoples formula will NOT deliver what you truly need.

Instead, they...

❌have you looking like everyone else. 

❌make you look corny

❌have you losing respect

This is why I didn't get results for the first month.

I was focusing on the wrong thing.

But all of that taught me how NOT to create my brand.

I intentionally designed Y.A.H. Apparel  to be different from every other streetwear brand. 

In Y.A.H. Apparel  we…

✔️focus on street art and graffiti 

✔️Give you original artwork, you can’t find anywhere else

✔️work hard to give you the best customer service

✔️work hard to provide dope streetwear and a good price

✔️create more than a brand. It’s a culture

My goal with Y.A.H. Apparel is to build and create my favorite streetwear brand. I’m hoping and praying that reading this will encourage you while you build your own brand, whatever that may be.

If you are looking for a new street brand to get into then I’d love to have you join the Y.A.H. Apparel Movement. 

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