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How I Spent Time And Money To Figure Out How to Build And Grow My Clothing Brand

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I know… I was shocked when I totaled up the time and money myself!

But I had no direction and no idea of where to even start. I was confused, overwhelmed and concerned.

So first I studied videos on YouTube because I needed to learn how to build a clothing brand from the ground up. Then I bought eBooks  because I needed help with marketing. Then I realized that I needed help with art design so I got some help from Fiverr.

When all was said and done, I had invested thousands of dollars to be able to start my clothing brand. (And this doesn’t even include all the TIME it took me to figure this out!)

But I absolutely needed to figure out how to get sales and build a successful clothing brand, so I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience. But because I spent so much investing in all these different resources, it was the exact reason that I talk about my experience.

Because I don’t want other people to have to struggle and piece together everything like I did. I wanted a step-by-step solution that would help me get build a winning brand all  in one place.

So I invite you to follow me on my journey as I grow and learn. And i hope and pray that my experience will help you to grow.

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