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#FashionFriday: The Story Behind "Blessed"

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my blog, where I share my passion for street art and fashion. Today is #FashionFriday, and I have a special treat for you: a blog post breaking down my "Blessed" street graffiti art.

This piece  was inspired by gratitude for life and the divine. It expresses my faith and spirituality through art, and also makes a statement about the power of positivity.

The piece features classic praying hands in fuchsia.. The background is black, creating a contrast with the bright colors. Down the side  you will find the tag "Y.A.H." in graffiti style, which stands for "Yahweh", the Hebrew name of God.  It Also Stands for “Young And Holy”. On the left side reads "Blessed" in old english, to emphasize the theme of the piece.

I really love how this piece turned out. It reflects my personal style and beliefs. I hope you like it too!

What do you think of my "Blessed" street graffiti art? Let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Tic Toc for more updates on my street art and fashion adventures. Until next time, stay blessed!

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