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Closet Problems & Solutions

Closet Clothing Fashion

A messy closet is a problem a lot of people have and they aren’t sure how to fix it.  The messiness can come in many different forms but the root cause is most likely a lack of organization.  If you start out organized it is much easier to stay that way.  Here are a few common closet problems and some solutions that can be implemented at any time.

Are your hangers a tangled mess or do your clothes constantly slip off?  Sounds like you have wire hangers hanging in your closet.  To prevent tops from slipping off and falling to the floor or the dreaded hanger crease in the middle of your pant leg, invest in some wooden or plastic hangers.  Not only are they functional, it is more attractive to have a uniform type of hanger in your closet (all wire hangers do not count).  

If you are consistently looking for a mate to the pair of shoes you want to wear you need to put a system in place to organize your shoes.  There are many options for shoe organizing, you can purchase a hanging canvas shoe rack that goes on your hanging bar, a shoe tree, or install some shelving in the bottom part of your closet.  This is a quick and easy job, something that can be accomplished in under 2 hours (set-up and organization).

Chances are there are many things you can remove from the closet that doesn’t belong.  Put your spare blankets in a linen closet or under the bed, and take the clothes you have been meeting to drop off at the donation bin out to the car so you won’t forget to do it another day.  Find the proper home for whatever else is living in your closet when it shouldn’t be.

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